Human hair wig is made from 100% human hair which can be dyed in darker shades, styled with hot tools, washed, and treated much like your real hair. On the contrary, synthetic wigs are more sensitive to the sun and tend to be more difficult when it comes to styling it or blending.


Real human hair wig is made from healthy human hair. There is no allergic reaction to the scalp while we wear it, very comfortable. It can be wore everyday without any burden. But synthetic fiber are produced with chemical materials, which might cause allergy to some people whose skin is sensitive. Wigs and hair extensions, which are constructed of synthetic hair, are more affordable than similar items made from human hair.

Appearance and Color

Real human hair extensions last longer, not easy to edgy; the hair color can remain unchanged for a long time; it is very easy to be supple after care. However, sythetic hair wig is easy to be frizzy and the color will fade after a period of time.


Real hair wigs allow the most styling versatility possible. Human hair wigs can be styled using heated styling tools just as your own hair. So, you can try different hairstyles. In addition, real hair wigs looks realistic and natural, others can hardly to know that you are wearing a wig unless you tell them, it look like the hair is grown out from your own scalp.

Testing Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair

Burn with fire

Burned by lighters. The synthetic hair has the smell of plastic, human hair has the smell of burning real hair. As Human Hair is made of protein, after burnt, the ash of human hair will be powder when rolling it with your fingers, and the synthetic hair ash become hardened and can not be scrunched. Human hair is not easy to burn, the hair will roll when the fire is close, but it is difficult to burn up; synthetic hair, on the contrary, will burn up when the fire is close. 

Test with hair straightener
Adjust the temperature of the hair straightener up to 220 degrees. Clipping the test hair with hair straighter, and gently straighten. Pull 5-6 times. If the hair is real human hair, it will be straighten, and it it is synthetic wig, it will be curled or melted.