Getting a high quality wig saves you money by ensuring you have it for a long time and also gives you that classy and distinct look. This however can be a challenge since there are so many counterfeits in the market.          

      Worry no more!         

 At thrivinghair, we sell high quality wig products that include; full lace, lace front, 360 lace or customized human hair wigs and you can have it either straight, curly, long or short. We offer fast free DHL shipping and 24 hours online services. With over 20 years of experience, you can be sure that you are getting a deal worth every dollar.       

      Now that you that you look like a million bucks, here are some tips to care for wigs;     

       1.Use heat protectants 

   Ensure that you use heat protectants before you either blow dry or straighten your virgin human hair wig. This helps prevent breakages, drying and frizziness in your wig making it last longer and maintain it's shine and luster.        

       2.Do not regularly clean your wig  

  Wear for about six times or until it appears oily. You can alternate between your selection to decrease the cleaning intervals. To clean; first detangle with a your fingers or brush and soak in cold water with a mild shampoo, rinse with cold water until clean and finally air dry it while hanging on a wig stand.         

        3.Use the right products to care for your wig    

 Avoid alcohol based products when washing or styling. Instead opt for products with vitamin E which helps prevent split ends and maintains a healthy look on your wig. You can also apply a small amount coconut oil every now and then.                        4.Keep your wig conditioned and moisturized    

Just like your hair, virgin human hair wigs requires to be regularly conditioned and moisturized to keep it in perfect conditions. Use high quality leave-in moisturizers and conditioners. We can also recommend you what to use as our after sale services.           

        5.Use a wide tooth brush     

Hold your wig or hang it on the wig stand and gently brush downwards. A wide tooth brush helps avoid tension that may cause your wig to have split ends or cause shrinkage.            

        Finally, it's important to note that how your wig looks, is all in the care.