Unnatural hairline and the parting of human hair wigs may cause your look fake, so the following steps are made to help you make your look more natural by refining your hairline and parting space. 

Method 1. Apply Powder to Conceal The Hairline

Starting from the front of your part, then dab powder or concealer that matched with your complexion on the parting and hairline with a makeup brush a little bit at a time. Not too much product or you will mess the stuff up. Use concealer/powder to make your hairline and parting look more natural and real.

Method 2: Apply Wax Stick to Mold the Hairline

Apply wax stick directly along the hairline can fuse hair together to make the hairline more neat and natural, which finally can make the whole look much more fabulous.

Method 3: Apply Hot Comb to Lay Hairline And Parting Flat

Run the hot comb along with the parts and hairline, which can make the parts & hairline more prominent, and put heat on the actual part to help it lay flat.

Method 4: Appy Hot Comb & Wax Stick to Creating a Melted Look

Apply the lace wax to your hairline, then go over it with the hot straightening comb, they work together to give you the really melted look.

Do this beforehand on a mannequin will make it a lot simpler for the install.