How to choose the perfect wig?

You must admit that it is difficult to find such a woman who would not like to change, each time in her own reflection of the mirror to find something new, unusual and, of course, attractive.

To achieve such changes, it is enough to please yourself with a new hairstyle or haircut, as you know, it is with such a powerful tool like hair that a woman can drastically change her own image, however, both for the better and for the worse.

Looks good if you choose the right

Of course, no one forbids experimenting with his own appearance, but for now, you just don’t have enough health for such “transformations”, the body will protest and begin to hint at your dissatisfaction in every way: your hair began to split, fall out or do not want to grow .

How to cope with such a nuisance, because you want so much to get another new, fashionable and incredibly stylish look! What can I say, situations are different, and suddenly you need to look just perfect at the nearest important event, and to put it mildly, the condition of your hair is not so hot?

Or maybe you have hair problems and this wild nuisance needs to be somehow "veiled" before better times? Wigs can always come to the rescue, undeservedly forgotten, but very relevant to this day.

Forms are different

If you want to look older, choose dark colors, but in order to appear younger, you need to pay attention to warm golden and brown colors.

Now, as for the shape of the face

Ladies with an oval face shape are subject to any experiments with regards to the shape, and with regards to the length of the hair. Win-win option - a classic parting in the middle and long straightened curls.

Round-cut girls are best served with wigs with short hair and elongated locks on the sides . Avoid too smoothed and "licked" hair, they will further emphasize your "roundness".

The square shape of the face requires a wig that can accentuate the cheekbones and slightly change too “straight” proportions of the face.

A face in the shape of a heart will look best in a wig with light or large curls, and the shape with curls to the chin will also look beneficial.

How to wear?

Do not forget before you put on a wig, be sure to shake it and lightly comb it with your hand so that it looks more natural.

Experiment and be beautiful!