Have you experienced flyaways? When the individual strands of hair are hand-tied through the small holes in your wig’s lace, the short end piece of that knot is flyaways. We know how frustrating you can be and here’re the three methods to help you get rid of those annoying wig flyaways!

Method 1: Wax Stick +Hot Comb

Apply wax stick on the top of the wig where the flyaways lay. 

Go around the top and use the hot comb to press the flyaways out.

Lay those flyaways down with the hot comb and wax stick which can take care of the flyaways very well! 

Or if you are quite new to wig application, do all the steps on a mannequin would be a great assistant.

Method 2: Mousse + Hot Comb

Sparingly put some mousse on the top of the flyaway area in your hair. 

Take the hot comb and apply some heat to ensure that all the hairs lay flat and are bonded and basically molded together till those flyaways are nowhere to be seen. Tips: Be very careful that you don’t want to burn any potion of your hands.

Method 3: Mousse + Blowdryer

Put some mousse on the top of the flyaway area in your hair.

Slow down your heat when you blow-dry, then start right at the base and work very slow to let the heat work for you. Slow down to speed up! Do that until those flyaways are nowhere to be seen!